Профессии в Пандарии. Учитель в пандарии ювелирного дела

Май Огранщица Нефрита - НИП


Комментарий от Xeronos

She is the Jewelcrafting Trainer in Pandaria and is found at Greenstone Village in Jade Forest.As of the Current Beta Build she teaches all the Recipes that need Serpent's Eye (Includes the JC-Only Gems and some Necklaces and Rings for level 90)

Комментарий от modrogon

The Greenstone Village is north of Dawn's Blossom when looking at the zone map.

She also sell ilvl 450 :

Each recipe requires 2-6 common uncut gems (same color) and 6

All recipes from this vendor only cost 3-5 gold each.

Комментарий от Lionizer

This NPC is friendly to both factions!

Комментарий от fny2011

Do you have to be a certain lvl to be able to buy these recipes from her because I am at 600 on my JC and they arent even showing up, i have the mats for them as well, the Serpents eye, so i dont get it.

Комментарий от Xotar

She is at 48.08, 34.96 next to inn.

Комментарий от greystoker

The recipes she sells that you can't get from the trainers in SW/ORG require 550 & 575 JC

Комментарий от finch560

Considering that I have a fire mage named Irohzuko, I really like the name 'Mai'. I hope they named her after 'Mai' from 'Avatar: The Last Airbender', although probably not :(

Комментарий от q8naxxer

they change it ,,this is now only normal trainer ,, if u want to buy the recipes for JC u can buy it from org / sw after they upgrade it

Комментарий от Tsais

Please double check the info on this page!

The NPC listed here does NOT teach any Serpent's Eye recipes as of 12-18-2012.

Комментарий от Ezmaralda

She is in Greenstone Village north of Dawn's Blossom.

Комментарий от Species3259

Surprisingly, the Inn has no mailbox.

Wether its an oversight from Blizzard or intentional, make sure your bags are loaded with ore/gems before you pay her a visit. That is ofc in case your JC does not have Mining.

And although there is a vendor in the Jade Forest that sells jeweler's settings, its no where near the trainer. So make sure you have those as well.

All in all, pretty annoying the way it is set up in game right now.

I submitted a few suggestions to Blizzard, one can only hope :-)

Комментарий от Morglith


/way The Jade Forest 48,0 35,0 Mai the Jade Shaper

Комментарий от Shadowpint

Stupid place to have a profession trainer. If I hadn't checked this page, I would have missed her.

Комментарий от Bogdanov89

After you have learned all she can teach, there is no purpose in visiting her - she gives no JC quests or dailies.

Комментарий от Mormolyce

I'm pretty sure they deliberately put vendors like this in the most perverse places to achieve their goal of "getting us out in the world".

It's... not massively successful.

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Комментарий от pypd69

I needed to get my gems straightened out, so I started looking around and found that this chick is way out in the middle of nowhere and teaches patterns that you can't find in the capital cities. Spent a bunch of gold but I got the +320 INT I needed.

Are there any other NPCs like Mai selling JC patterns that are located "off the beaten path" that I need to locate?

Комментарий от Vindictae

Just be careful what you buy. I looked up which gem would be good for my hunter, saw Delicate Serpents Eye and ran all the way there... only to find the dang thing is BOP when created.Not surprising, because it's a Serpents Eye but still...very annoying if you spend gold hoovering up recipes you don't have and then there is no point making them as you can't pass them on.Thanks Blizz... :/

Комментарий от Stalemary

For Legion, here's the new waypoint, which updates the zone name:/way The Jade Forest:Pandaria 48,0 35,0 Mai the Jade Shaper


Тимоти Джонс - НИП - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от Aweshocked

He is the Grandmaster Jewelcrafter in Dalaran's Trade District (all of the trainers are there). He is a Human male with a purple suit, the "pimp" hat, and the bling ring.

Комментарий от Jyra

In Dalaran at Piffany & Co. at coordinates 40.76/34.48

Комментарий от kirkage

Named after blizzard design intern Timothy Jones.

Комментарий от tolefanjh

I sure hope that the dailies aren't as unbalanced as they look here. The Horde get 2 more dailies than Ally do? Guess they'll get the recipes much quicker than Ally. That doesn't hurt balance too much. There is plenty of time to balance things out and add in dailies for the other professions.

Комментарий от wingman

I think it's worth noting the quests arent available until 375 JC, even though most people visiting Dalaran for the first time will probably have max (for 70) professions anyway.

Комментарий от Sethril

Something that I noticed was not listed is the fact that he also gives out "single gem" dailys as well.

My first daily (yesterday) was to bring him a single Chalcedony ( http://www.wowhead.com/?search=Chalcedony ). I would imagine that there are similar "single gem" quests in addition to the amulet/trinket combinations which require you to collect two specific gems and kill a certain type of enemy in Northrend.

Комментарий от Garroa

Assuming you do the daily, well, daily, and buy every recipe (including the Jewler's Gems some of which not every class will want) it will take you 213 Murloc Frakking Days! to get all the vendor recipes. Fantastic.

Комментарий от Gritz

You can also get JC tokens by completing the repeatable 'Damaged Necklace quest.


It's a BoE world drop, AH-able, and there is no cooldown (so if you get 100 of them, you can turn them all in on the same day).

Depending on what they sell for on your server, this is the fastest way to get all the designs you need.

Комментарий от MarluxiaKyoshu

Am I going to have to be the one that has to point this out...?


His full name should be 'Pimp Daddy Timmy J' <Grand Master Jewelcrafting Trainer>

Комментарий от srbinn21

How good name.

Комментарий от Zmic

"My names Timohy Jones and Im a human Pimp! What your game!"

Комментарий от LeviGratton

So at what time does this guy's quest reset? It's 12:01 server! I want to do another daily before bed damnit!

Комментарий от Miegsdebil

Here is a list of all the JC trainers, sorted by faction: http://www.wowhead.com/?search=jewelcrafting+trainer#npcs:0+4+3+1

To get the JC skill, you need the Burning Crusade expansion. Start out at the following trainers and learn Apprentice Jewelcrafting, this will allow up to a max of 75:

Alliance:Farii <Jewelcrafting Trainer>Horde:Kalinda <Jewelcrafting Trainer> orAleinia <Jewelcrafting Trainer>

You can learn all the way to Artisan at the trainers above to reach a max of 300.


Once you get to at least 275, you will need to hit the Outlands trainers to learn Master Jewelcrafting and reach a max skill of 375:

Alliance:Tatiana <Master Jewelcrafting Trainer>Horde:Kalaen <Master Jewelcrafting Trainer>Both (in Shatt):Hamanar <Master Jewelcrafting Trainer> (Note: If you have gained Scryer rep and have become I think hostile to the Aldors you will not be able to talk to this guy, and will have to hit the other two above for training)


At 350, head to the Northrend trainers to reach a max skill of 450 (require the WoTLK xpac):

Alliance:Alestos <Grand Master Jewelcrafting Trainer>Horde:Geba'li <Grand Master Jewelcrafting Trainer>Both:Timothy Jones <Grand Master Jewelcrafting Trainer>

If you have WoTLK you can train everything at the Northrend trainers but you're most likely going to need an AH to go broke buying all the mats you need, so it may not work out too well ;o).

Комментарий от chilihot2000

how can i get the dailies? im level 450 in jc, and i only got the quest with the neck and the quest, where i could turn a blue gem in s:

Комментарий от Groundlord

I find it strange that we know how to make the jewelry for the dailies when all he says is "Hey, I need a <created item> for some rich guy to sell at Undermine; could you get one for me? I'll give you a JC Token for it."

Комментарий от Pithrandil

Mah pimp homie Tim-J all East Side, when I representin' West-Side-E!

Комментарий от Turre

I have been doing these JC dailies every day on my hunter alt since level 70 (soon 72 almost just doing these.). But now after latest patch it shows as grey and I cant pick the daily up. So it seems they raised the level requirement to make them.

Комментарий от Sindeady

Yea I've been doing the jc dailies since expansion and my rogue just hit level 72 and I can't get it anymore either. Maybe level 75?

Комментарий от Kophil

Changed back by a hotfix tonight.

Like it was prior to 3.10 release (4 days ago), you can now get the jewelcrafter daily quest at level 70.

Комментарий от CaptainAng

Actually prior to 3.1 release it was level 65 to do the JC daily. I got my DK to 65 specifically for this purpose.

Комментарий от zoroz

all he needs now is a fur coat, a pimping cane and some sun glasses

Комментарий от Ancan

Patch 3.1.1, european: Still cannot start any JC dailes with my level 71. Grrrr!

Комментарий от Therulnig

Level 67 with less than 420 Jewelcrafting...Can get the daily.

Комментарий от Elrisk

If anybody could tell me what he's wearing I'd really appreciate it.

Комментарий от clavarnway

I am a level 80 and dropped Engineering today to pick up JC. Towards the end of the BC skillups, I was in Dalaran in front of this NPC. When I went from 374 to 375 JC, a yellow exclamation mark lit up over his head. So I can confirm that at 375 JC (not sure required character level), you can pick up the dailies.

edit: It was actually the first quest that popped up, not the dailies - but I did that quest, and yes, a daily popped up right after! :)

Комментарий от BaronJT

Stylin' Purple HatTuxedo ShirtI've no clue on the purple pants and jacket.

Комментарий от AloyFletch

Hey Guys. Timothy Jones gives you a jewelcrafting daily which sends you around northrend after an item to combine with 2 green northrend gems to make an item which you hand in for a Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Token for most blue gem recipies and some prismatic bop gems and a few patterns. This Daily is Aquireable at lvl 70 with 375 Jewelcrafting. I suggest you buy 20 of each gem, and just hunt for the last item for an easy turn in. This Guide is mostly for level 70-75 who are doing it daily.

On my deathknight, I go for;

Shipment: Blood Jade Amulet. 1x Vyrkul Amulet, 1x Blood Jade, 1x Bloodstone.


These mobs range from 69-74 and are pretty easy to kill, even as a 70. If you havn't got the flight path, the next ones would be;

http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=24262, who are just a short ride from the Apothecary's Camp and Winterguard Keep.

Shipment: Bright Armor Relic. 1x Elemental Armor Scrap, 1x Bloodstone, 1x Huge Citrine.

Without a doubt, the easiest mobs to do this with are http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=26283, a 2 minute flight from dalaran. If your also doing Sons of Hodir dailys, this can be picked up from the elementals while your doing Hot and Cold.

Shipment: Glowing Ivory Figurine. 1x Shoveltusk Ivory, 1x Chalcedony, 1x Shadow Crystal

This is an annoying one, because the ivory is generally picked up from random shoveltusks around the howling fjord. The list of where they drop is here: http://www.wowhead.com/?item=42104#dropped-by:0+3-9+1

Shipment: Intricate Bone Figurine. 1x Proto Dragon Bone, 1x Chalcedony, 1x Dark Jade.

The easiest way to do this is to fly to Apothecary's Camp (Horde) and head south, or Westguard Keep. (Alliance) They drop off; http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=23750http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=23689http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=23688at ember clutch in howling fjord.

Another way to go is fly to Kamagua, catch the lift and ride to the clutch.

Shipment: Shifting Sun Curio. 1x Scourge Curio, 1x Sun Crystal, 1x Shadow Crystal.

Easiest one for this is to head to Venomspite (Horde) or Winterguard (Alliance) and head to Naxxramas. There are quick and easy to kill scourge hanging around.


Shipment: Wicked Sun Brooch. 1x Iron Dwarf Brooch, 1x Huge Citrine, 1x Sun Crystal.

This one is the hardest of them all, requiring you to head to the corner of northrend. If your higher, there are dwarfs in storm peaks who will give you one, but these are for lower players.I'm not sure about Alliance players, because these dwarfs are friendly to Alliance.

Horde, head for http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=23673


I suggest you head to the Iron-Rune guys in southeast Grizzly Hills for Alliance.

Good Luck guys, happy hunting!

Комментарий от Zissou

This character was named after me. TIMMAY!

Комментарий от BuNsiE

Timothy Jones sells epic gem designs at 4 Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Tokens each.

292 Dalaran Jewelcrafter's Tokens are needed to buy every design.

Комментарий от Syvly

So I noticed that his hand sparkles like the Diamond-tipped Cane. Is there anyway to get that on a player character?

Комментарий от vikii

there was a kitty i found on a platform to the side of the staircase in the main inn of dalaran for both horde and alliance and apperantly wowhead doesnt know who the lil guys is! he lays down most of the time and if i pet him in orange it would say: Jones purrs contentedly.

AWWWW! it most likey might be this guys cat, poor kitty was abandoned!

Комментарий от dummerniken

he looks like a gay

Комментарий от decentplayer

Looks pretty fat

Комментарий от Frizzo

I hear his arch-nemesis is Nightbane.

Комментарий от heyricardo

It also asks daily for titanium powder...(daily quest)

Комментарий от Celice

I believe there is a mistake in the Dalaran daily jewelcrafting quests. There are six quests and six level-75 gems, and I guess completing all six quests is supposed to require two of each gem.

However, there are three quests that ask for the yellow Кровавый камень and only one that needs the blue Кальцедоний. So, because prospecting turns up all six gems at the same rate, you will be running out of yellows and have plenty of spare blues left over.

Комментарий от Celice

Of the six Dalaran daily jewelcrafting quests, the special item for four of them is found in Грозовая гряда. The other two come from Драконий Погост and Лес Хрустальной Песни

Here are the requirements

Note that the reagents for some of these items can be guessed from their name.

Note that I believe there is a mistake in the drafting of these quests. There are six quests and six level-75 gems, and I guess completing all six quests is supposed to require two of each gem. However, there are three quests that ask for the yellow Солнечный хрусталь and only one that needs the blue Кальцедоний. So, because prospecting turns up all six gems at the same rate, you will be running out of yellows and have plenty of spare blues left over.

Комментарий от ivano42

/way Dalaran 39.36, 35.03 Timothy Jones <Jewelcrafting Trainer>


Профессии в Пандарии. Бонусы профессий WoW в патче 5.0.5

Дополнение Mists of Pandaria традиционно повлекло обновление бонусов от профессий - теперь все они дают прибавку в 320 единиц к одной из первичных характеристик персонажа либо 480 единиц выносливости или вторичных характеристик. Кроме того, крафтовые профессии позволяют изготавливать эпические предметы, для большинства из которых теперь нужен боп-реагент "Дух гармонии".


Алхимия увеличивает бонус от настоев на 320 силы/ловкости/интеллекта или 480 выносливости. Специальный бесконечный алхимический настой позволит получить эти характеристики без стандартных фласок, например - на арене. Также очень выгодным для рейдеров является удвоенное время действия настоев.

Инженерное дело

Основной бонус от Инженерного дела - улучшение для перчаток, которое раз в минуту повышает на 10 секунд силу, ловкость или интеллект на 1920, что соответствует 320 единицам одной из характеристик, но дает больший прирост урона при совмещении с какими-то повышающими урон кулдаунами. Крафт эпической инженерной шапки 476 уровня поможет быстрее одеться недавно докачавшимся персонажам. Кроме того, в инженерии много "фановых" вещей: телепорты, возможность ставить почту, ремонтного робота, а теперь - и "автодаритель", который раз в день дает любому поговорившему с ним игроку подарок.


С Кожевничеством можно наложить на наручи энчант на 500 силы, ловкости или интеллекта (на 320 больше "стандартного" энчанта) либо на 750 выносливости (что прибавит 450 выносливости). Также кожевенники могут делать лично для себя дешевые заплатки на штаны.

Кузнечное дело

Кузнечное дело позволяет сделать 2 дополнительных гнезда в наручах и перчатках, в которые можно вставить абсолютно любые камни - по 240 выносливости, 160 первичных характеристик или 320 вторичных.

Наложение чар

Наложение чар дает возможность делать энчанты на оба кольца - по 160 любых первичных характеристик или выносливости на каждое (240 выносливости с патчем 5.1).


В Начертании есть энчанты на плечи, которые на 320 единиц основной характеристики (450 выносливости) лучше стандартных.

Портняжное дело

Бонус от Портняжного дела работает несколько иначе - это энчант для плаща, который периодически на 15 секунд увеличивает интеллект на 2000, дух на 3000 или силу атаки на 4000. Для кастеров он примерно сопоставим с другими профессиями, но немного рандомен, поскольку может срабатывать не сразу после завершения внутреннего кулдауна.

Ювелирное дело

Бонус от Ювелирного дела в MoP стал абсолютно равным бонусам от других профессий - его дают два ювелирных камня по 320 ловкости, силы и интеллекта (на 160 больше стандартного за каждый камень) или по 480 выносливости (с общей прибавкой от двух камней 480 выносливости).

Горное дело

Бонус Горного дела остался интересным в основном для танков - 480 выносливости повысят максимальный уровень здоровья, но никак не поднимут урон или исцеление.


Травничество позволяет раз в две минуты использовать заклинание Кровь земли, которое увеличивает рейтинг скорости на 2880 на 20 секунд. Эта способность аналогична постоянным 480 единицам скорости, и для большинства классов она менее полезна, чем первичные характеристики от крафтовых профессий.

Снятие шкур

Снятие шкур на 90 уровне дает 480 рейтинга критического урона. Этот бонус хуже, чем сила, ловкость, интеллект или выносливость от других профессий.

Вторичные профессии

Вторичные профессии с выходом Mists of Pandaria изменились не слишком, но стали намного важнее и привлекательнее для большинства игроков.


Кулинария внезапно стала куда более дорогой и сложной в прокачке, чем большинство крафтовых профессий. Теперь в ней есть целых 6 разных путей, все из которых прокачиваются отдельно и позволяют готовить еду с одной из главных характеристик - силой, ловкостью, интеллектом, выносливость_ю или _духом. Ингредиенты для блюд теперь включают не только привычные мясо и рыбу, но и овощи, которые можно вырастить на своей собственной ферме или купить за новые кулинарные марки. Особенно интересна кулинария обжорам-пандаренам - ведь они получают от еды не только удовольствие, но и удвоенные характеристики благодаря своему расовому бонусу.


Рыбалка поможет не только добыть составляющие разных блюд, но и заработать разные достижения. Больше того, теперь есть целая фракция рыболовов во главе с легендарным Натом Пэглом. Репутацию с ними можно получить, выполняя разные ежедневные задания, а вот личная репутация с Натом дается только за очень редких квестовых рыб. Неслучайно превознесение с величайшим рыболовом Азерота является одним из добавленных в MoP великих подвигов.


Если уж говорить о достижениях - то тут фору всем профессиям точно даст Археология. Чтобы выполнить все новые археологические ачивки - придется немало покопаться в земле. Впрочем, это принесет и очевидную пользу - в ходе раскопок вы сможете отрыть некоторые редкие предметы 463 уровня.

Первая помощь

Первая помощь качается очень просто - вам понадобится всего несколько стаков очень дешевой ткани. При этом лечение бинтами в MoP стало куда эффективнее, чем в Катаклизме - за 8 секунд вы сможете восстановить больше половины своего здоровья.

Заказ прокачки профессий

Если у Вас нет желания тратить свое свободное время на прокачку собирательной или крафтовой профессии, то наши специалисты помогут Вам быстро прокачать любую профессию WoW.


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